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Infusion Therapy

Patients who require intravenous medications can be treated from their own homes. Our licensed registered nurses work directly with physicians to administer safe and effective infusion therapy treatment so that your loved one can recuperate comfortably.

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What is Infusion Therapy?

With infusion therapy, medication is administered through a needle or catheter instead of being taken orally. This can be especially useful when the medication needs to be given at a controlled pace. It allows for complete control of dosage.

It is also necessary for some patients and types of medications to ensure the drugs do not lose their effectiveness. This can happen if they are taken orally. So, to prevent that, infusion therapy is utilized instead.

Infusion therapy can be used to deliver:

It can be used for a wide range of conditions, including lupus, osteoporosis, type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease.

How We Can Help

At Affirmed Home Care, our goal is to provide your loved one with the very best care in their home – a place where they will feel comfortable and at ease. The care we provide is completely customized to the needs and wants of your family members.

This can include help with tasks for just a couple of hours a day or full live-in services. During this time, a registered nurse will be available to provide the appropriate dosage of medication through infusion therapy.

What are the Benefits of In-Home Infusion Therapy?

In-home infusion therapy makes the process of administering medication as easy as possible. Combined with our other at-home services, your loved one can experience the best care while still having as much independence as possible. Some of the great benefits of receiving in-home care include:

What we provide will all depend on what we discuss during a consultation with you before in-home care services begin.

Are You Looking for In-Home Infusion Therapy?

If you’re looking for high-quality care from a registered nurse for your loved one, Affirmed Home Care is here with the help they require. Schedule a consultation with us, and our experienced team will explain our services while helping you decide what kind of care is best. When we finish gathering information, you and your family members will know exactly what to expect.

Our experienced nurses have the training required to provide various services, such as treating patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Affirmed Home Care also provides in-home hospice care and rehab. Our team serves the New York City metro area and Westchester County, along with Essex, Bergen, and Morris Counties in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more.