Private Travel Nurses in NJ

Affirmed Home Care offers private travel nurses in NJ. Whether a client is going on a safari or exploring Atlantic City, our private travel nurses will accompany them on their big adventure. We hire registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to provide clients with medical care, companionship, and support as they travel.

Private Travel Nursing Services in NJ

At Affirmed Home Care, our dedicated staff go above and beyond to ensure a seamless travel experience for clients. With the help of a private travel nurse in NJ, clients can enjoy the freedom to explore beyond their homes while receiving expert medical care and support.

Our NJ private travel nurses will:

  • Help plan trips while keeping the client’s safety top of mind
  • Pack for the client, including medications, medical documents, and attire
  • Assist the client with navigating transportation and unfamiliar locations
  • Provide companionship throughout the journey
  • Monitor the client’s vitals and deliver expert care in emergencies
Nurse and patient on wheelchair smiling at each other

Our private travel nurses in NJ are experts in their craft. They provide exceptional care so clients can maintain their health and safety while embracing life to the fullest. Our travel nurses serve throughout New Jersey, including Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Bergen, Somerset, Monmouth, and Union Township Counties.

Our RNs and LPNs Provide:

  • Medical support and companionship while clients are traveling
  • Medication management
  • Infusion therapy
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Advanced wound care
  • Support with making appointments, putting together medication logs, and preparing medications

Our Social Workers Provide:

  • Emotional support
  • Help putting together wills and DNRs
  • Safe, fun activities for clients

Our Home Health Aides Provide:

  • Medication reminders
  • Support with grooming, bathing, and dressing
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Supervision and safety monitoring
  • Vitals monitoring
  • Companionship, cognitive stimulation, and encouragement to exercise
  • Assistance with traveling, errands, doctor appointments, and activities of daily living

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, due to the high level of concierge services we provide, we don’t accept Medicaid or Medicare. However, we do accept long-term care insurance and private pay plans.

We are only able to travel to clients in New York (including Westchester and Long Island), New Jersey, and Connecticut. However, our private travel nurses in NJ can accompany clients on trips outside these areas.

We offer part-time and full-time care, from quick nursing visits to live-in care. We can schedule our caregivers at any time that is most convenient for clients and their families.

Yes, besides in-home care, our staff offers support for clients staying in a medical facility. Our staff provides client-centric advocacy, companionship, personal assistance, and progress reports that complement the medical care clients receive in the facility.

Clients, their families, and their health advocates always have a say in the care plan. The benefit of a private home care agency is that plans are attuned to the individual client.

Yes, we have experienced registered nurses and licensed practical nurses trained in services ranging from infusion therapy to mechanical ventilation. We also have home care aides who assist with medication reminders, bathing, housework, meal prep, and errands.

Yes, our nursing staff can perform all tasks that fall within their scope of practice. We offer the services of both licensed practical nurses and registered nurses. If clients require a higher level of care, our staff can transport them to a medical facility to see a doctor or specialist.

Absolutely! Many of our younger clients use our services to recover from injuries, surgeries, cancer, or other medical challenges. Anyone can use private home care, regardless of age.

The first step is booking a free consultation. Based on the conversations we have during the consultation, we’ll create a custom home care plan and assign a caregiver.

Client Experiences

Maria Z. says,
Maria Z. says,
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I can't say enough about Affirmed Home Care. When my family needed hospice support and nursing care this company helped us tremendously. They helped my beautiful mother tremendously. My first point of contact was with Donna Miller. She put a plan together practically overnight for my mother. It was a careful, intelligent and compassionate plan of care that included the feelings of my father and myself as well. The nurses that came to care for my mother were top notch. All of them were skilled and helped us emotionally with the process. If you are in need of home health care for a loved one, look no further. Thank you, Affirmed Home Care.

Choose Affirmed Home Care for Life’s Vulnerable Moments

Affirmed Home Care is proud to offer private travel nurses for NJ residents. We offer free consultations for residents of NY, NJ, and CT. Take the first step and reach out today.

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