Caryl Petersohn, RN

Co-Founder and Director of Patient Services

Caryl Petersohn co-founded Affirmed Homecare and serves as Director of Patient Services. She also has a core responsibility in Business Development.

Caryl began her career in healthcare as a registered nurse on the AIDS unit at Lenox Hill Hospital, where she cared for many patients with infectious diseases, as well as those with diabetes, cancer, pneumonia, and other medical and post-op conditions. She went on to work at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center as an RN Research Coordinator involved in the implementation, maintenance, and coordination of a series of multifaceted clinical studies.

Finally, Caryl found her passion. She has spent the last 10 years working with families and their loved ones in private homecare. Over the years Caryl has helped and supported clients coordinate their care at home.  During this time, she felt there was a profound need for personalized client care tailored to the clients medical and social needs, that was also provided by a team of healthcare providers who actually understood homecare. 

Affirmed Home Care was conceived through years of hard work and a deep understanding of the needs of clients. Caryl and the team have been committed to providing all of their clients with the highest quality of healthcare services. 

Caryl holds a B.S. in finance from St. John’s University and is also a graduate of St. Vincent’s Hospital School of Nursing.