Private In-Home Care Services in NY, NJ, and CT

Patients deserve compassionate care during life’s most vulnerable moments. Affirmed Home Care offers a range of private in-home care services in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our nurses and home health aides create custom care plans for all needs, and we offer live-in, part-time, and travel care options. 

Private in-home care services

Part-Time, Full-Time, and Travel Care

A nurse helps an elderly man walk around a kitchen.

Part-Time Care

Unlike an assisted living facility, private in-home care services allow clients to choose their level of care. Our part-time care services are perfect for families who already have a primary caregiver and only need assistance a few days per week. It’s also a great option for patients who live independently and need help with more complex medical procedures like infusions.

A care giver puts a blanket on an elder woman

Private Live-In Care

If full-time care is needed, our caregivers can stay with clients 24/7. This allows families to rest easy knowing someone is always there to help. It’s also a great option for those looking for companionship in addition to assisted nursing.

A caretaker pushes a woman in a wheelchair through the airport.

Travel Nursing

Private in-home care services extend beyond the home. If clients are planning a big trip, they can bring caregivers along. Our staff helps patients go on vacations, visit family, and attend weddings. We help plan the trip, navigate the airport, pack medications, and support every step of the way.

Elderly and End-of-Life Services

Elderly person holding hands on chest
A nurse teaches an elderly man balance exercises in a living room.

Geriatric Care Management

We focus on independence-affirming care for the elderly. We have services for all need levels – from a home aide to do some light housekeeping to more involved care from a registered nurse. Our caregivers encourage healthy activities for the elderly and keep loved ones informed if they notice signs of memory loss, reduced mobility, or illness.

End-of-Life Care

Many people find comfort in familiar environments, especially as they approach the end of life. Our staff offers support for clients and their loved ones as they transition to hospice or palliative care. Our end-of-life care is fully in-home and centered on pain reduction, comfort, and compassion.

Medical and Rehabilitation Services

Our staff provides private in-home care services for clients recovering from surgeries or major injuries. Our caregivers monitor progress and handle tasks like errands, bathing, meal preparation, and housework.

Post-Op Care and Rehab

Our staff provides private in-home care services for clients recovering from surgeries or major injuries. Our caregivers monitor progress and handle tasks like errands, bathing, meal preparation, and housework.

A nurse bandages a patient’s knee.

Wound Care

Recovering from a wound can be a long process. Our nurses have experience cleaning and dressing wounds, monitoring them for infection, and administering prescribed medications, such as topical antibiotics.

An elderly man lies in bed and smiles at a nurse standing beside him.

Bedside Care and Respite Care

Being confined to a bed can be frustrating for patients and their loved ones. We ease some of this stress by monitoring the patient’s condition, administering medications, providing bathroom assistance, and keeping up with necessary chores. Beyond this, we provide companionship, which is especially important for those with limited mobility.

Infusion Therapy

Our registered nurses can safely administer infusions in the home, including chemotherapy, antibiotics, inotropic heart medications, and nutritional supplements.

A nurse stands behind a woman in a wheelchair and hugs her.

Memory Care

Memory loss can be hard on families, especially in the late stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s. We offer private in-home care services attuned to memory loss, including 24/7 caregiver attention, meal preparation, mentally stimulating activities, and safety precautions to make sure individuals can stay in their homes.

Covid-Positive Patient Care

Our staff will closely monitor Covid patients and watch for signs of pneumonia. We’ll also handle errands and housekeeping so patients can focus on their recovery.

Our Staff

Registered Nurses

Our registered nurses offer private in-home care services like infusion therapy, wound care, and rehabilitation exercises. We recommend nursing care for clients who need more advanced treatments and support.

A caregiver and a patient smile at each other.

Home Health Aides

Our home health aides make day-to-day life simpler for those who just need a little help around the house. Aides can prepare meals, run errands, offer transportation to doctor’s appointments, handle housekeeping, manage medications, and assist with grooming. 

Compassionate Care for Life’s Vulnerable Moments

We believe everyone deserves compassionate care. Our skilled medical staff is proud to attend to the needs of the NY, NJ, and CT communities. We understand setting up in-home care can be overwhelming. The first step is to book a complimentary phone consultation with our experienced care team for a custom care plan.