When Should You Start Considering Hospice Care?

Did the idea of home hospice care in NYC ever cross your mind? Hospice care is special care given to patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses to help improve their quality of life. The philosophy of hospice care is acknowledging the person’s needs toward the end of their life, but it also doesn’t speed up nor defer death.

Hospital care is different from hospice care since hospitals treat the disease itself, while hospice care only treats the symptoms.

A team will work collaboratively to manage the symptoms the patients face, reducing any pain and suffering as much as possible.

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When Should Hospice Care Start?

Why Should You Consider Hospice Care for Your Loved Ones?

There is no exact time as to when hospice care should start because every patient is different.

All too often, families have reservations about hospice care because they think it would mean they are giving up on their loved ones or that the medications given to deal with the symptoms will expedite death. This is completely untrue.

According to studies, patients who received hospice care lived longer, with an average of 29-44 days compared to those who did not get hospice care.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, when a patient is referred to a hospice program early, their symptoms are managed better, resulting in a more stable condition and a prolonged life.  

When Should Hospice Care Start?

Hospice care usually starts with a referral. The referral could come from any health care professional. Typically, a doctor will suggest hospice care to family members.

The decision is entirely up to you. It’s best to do your research so you can find a suitable center for your loved ones.

An assessment is made to ensure that the patient qualifies for the program. Once the qualifications are met, the patient can start with the program right away.

Who is Eligible for the Hospice Care Program?

A patient can only be eligible to join the program if they have a life expectancy of fewer than six months. This is usually certified by a health care professional. They can also be eligible if they experience the following:

· If they were frequently hospitalized in the last six months

· If they experience increasing fatigue and weakness

· Progress weight loss

· Inability to perform activities of daily living

· Recurrent infections

What are the Benefits of Hospice Care?

Why is hospice care worth considering? If you truly love your family, you’ll want an expert team to be with them during the last days of their lives. Each patient is given care and support to help them cope with their condition physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything the patient needs will be provided for them based on their diagnosis.

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Are You Interested in Hospice Care in NYC?

If you want the absolute best care for your loved ones, we are here to help. At Affirmed Home Care, our mission is to support the overall health and well-being of our clients by providing personalized care to meet their specific needs. Contact us today to learn about what we have to offer.