Common Problems Seniors Face in Nursing Homes

You have to come to terms with the fact that caring for older people gets more challenging as time goes on. As much as they’d want to be as active and in control as they were in their younger years, their bodies just won’t cooperate. In such a case, they’ll need private home care in Westchester.

Private home care is different from nursing homes because it allows your loved ones to stay in a familiar and comfortable environment while being cared for by trained professionals. However, most people prefer private home care to nursing homes because the latter poses many challenges.

Problems Seniors Face in Nursing Homes


The number one challenge of nursing homes is the cost. If you and your family are on a tight budget, a home care service may be the best option for your loved ones.

The costs for nursing homes can be so high that many seniors decide to sell their beloved property just so they can afford to get professional assistance.

With home care, the prices are significantly lower, plus they get to stay in their homes. You’ll only pay for the services your loved ones need.


Moving out of your home can be stressful. So, you can just imagine the stress of older people having to live in an unfamiliar environment and sometimes even sharing a room with strangers. In addition, the transition can take a toll on their mental and emotional health.

Why allow your loved ones to go through the stress of being transferred to a facility when they can get all the care and assistance they need in the comforts of their home? In addition, older people prefer to stay in their homes because they share many happy memories with their family.


Sure, nursing homes are equipped with all the amenities residents need to keep them entertained. The facility also offers activities that allow seniors to socialize with other residents.

But, older adults may already have hobbies and clubs of their own, and when you take that away from them by sending them to a nursing home filled with unfamiliar faces, it can cause them grief.

Loss of Control

Nursing facilities have their own set of rules that residents are required to follow. With their strict schedules, seniors may feel stripped of their independence since they are obliged to conform.

Mealtimes, bathing time, recreation, bedtime are all part of the schedule. This can cause seniors to feel frustrated. With home care, they make their own rules, and they follow their schedule.

They’ll feel more in control of their life if they pay for home care services instead of going to a nursing home.

Are You Looking for a Private Home Care in Westchester?

Nursing homes are a worthy choice for seniors who thrive well in these communities. But, a nursing home is not for everyone. It’s an entirely new place that requires the elderly to make significant adjustments. If this is not something your loved ones want, private home care may be what they need.

At Affirmed Home Care, our mission is to support our clients’ overall health and well-being by providing personalized in-home care to meet their specific needs and wants. Contact us today to learn about our offers.