Private In-Home Nursing Care in New Jersey

Affirmed Home Care offers premier private in-home nursing care in New Jersey. From medication management to rehabilitative exercises, our qualified staff provides the most comprehensive and compassionate in-home care in the state.

Patients needn’t live in nursing facilities to access exceptional care – our registered nurses and home health aides travel to you. Our staff knows their way around town and can accompany patients for appointments, activities, and errands. We love to support our patients and help them thrive.

Comprehensive Services

At Affirmed Home Care, we know the best care is personalized. We design custom care plans for each patient’s unique needs and preferences. Our private in-home nursing care services include: 

  • Care from registered nurses on staff
  • Support with housework, cooking, travel, and errands 
  • Medication management, including IV infusions (if needed)
  • Regular communication with families about progress
  • Access to private registered nursing staff for advanced medical needs
  • And more – whatever the patient needs, we are here for them! 
A nurse provides infusion therapy to a patient in the patient’s home.

Our RNs and LPNs Provide:

  • Medical support and companionship while clients are traveling
  • Medication management, including refilling and pre-pouring
  • Infusion therapy and hydration
  • Mechanical ventilation, tracheostomies, and ventilator care
  • Wound care including Wound VAC
  • Pleuavacs and other drainage care
  • Specimens and blood collection for labs
  • Urinary catheter initial insertion and changing
  • Colostomy and urostomy care and instruction
  • Teaching and support
  • Palliative or end-of-life care
  • Parenteral nutrition via IV or PEG tube
  • Coordination with physicians for updated orders according to client needs
  • Diabetes education and insulin administration
  • Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
  • Bowel regimens
  • A companion for medical or social appointments 
  • Home safety assessments and suggestions

Enjoy the Benefits of Private In-Home Nursing Care

Private in-home nursing care in New Jersey allows patients and their families peace of mind and comfort. Our nurses offer flexible support, so they can fill in for other caregivers in emergencies or visit patients on a regular basis. We make it possible for patients to live independent lives while getting the support they need. Patients receive premier care and remain surrounded by familiar faces and places. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We only accept long-term care insurance. Otherwise, we are private pay. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Yes. Our caregiving staff can work alongside hospice care providers to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible at home.

We are only able to travel to patients in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

We offer both part-time care and full-time live-in care, depending on the patient’s needs. We can schedule our caregivers any time of the day, any day of the week based on what’s most convenient for the patient’s or family’s schedule. 

Patients, their families, and their health advocates always have a say in the care plan. We offer recommendations based on our years of experience and the knowledge of our registered nurses. The benefit of a private home care agency is that plans are attuned to the individual patient.

Yes, we have experienced registered nurses trained in services ranging from infusion therapy to mechanical ventilation. We also have home care aides who assist with medication management, bathing, housework, meal prep, and errands. 

Yes, our registered nursing staff can perform all tasks that fall within the scope of registered nursing. If patients require a higher level of care, our staff can transport them to a medical facility to see a doctor or specialist.

Absolutely! Many of our younger patients use our services to recover from injuries, surgeries, cancer, or other medical challenges. Anyone can use private home care, regardless of age. 

  • Start by giving us a call to book your free consultation. 
  • Our staff will learn about the patient’s specific needs and answer any lingering questions they might have. 
  • We’ll then create a custom home care plan to support the patient’s unique needs. 
  • Once approved, we can send caregivers to the patient’s location as soon as possible.

Client Experiences

Linda Gurino says: 

“Thank you Affirmed Team for your professional outstanding service to my dad when it was truly needed. At a time when families are unable to prepare for home care, you guided us through the entire process with ease and helped make my dad’s recovery at home extremely comfortable and easy to endure.” 

Choose Affirmed Home Care for Life’s Vulnerable Moments

Affirmed Home Care is proud to offer compassionate private nursing care at home in NYC. We offer free consultations for NY, NJ, and CT residents. Take the first step and reach out today.

Related Services

A care giver puts a blanket on an elder woman

Private Live-In Care

For clients who need full-time care, our staff can stay with clients in their homes, providing everything from light housework to companionship.

An elderly man lies in bed and smiles at a nurse standing beside him.

Bedside Care and Respite Care

When clients are confined to their beds, our staff provides vital companionship, personal care, meal preparation, errands, light housework, and bathroom assistance.

A nurse helps an elderly man walk around a kitchen.

Part-Time Care

Our part-time care services are extremely flexible and customized to clients’ needs. Whether a client needs a daily wound bandage change or help traveling to a weekly medical appointment, our home health aides, RNs, and LPNs provide expert part-time care.