What to Expect from Private Home Care for the Elderly

What are you going to do if your mom always forgets to take her meds or when your dad keeps asking for you to assist him in the bathroom? It’s probably not a problem if it happens once or twice a month, but if it becomes an everyday thing, well, then that’s an entirely different story. If it has come to a point where your parents require 24/7 assistance, you should consider home care in NYC.

Hundreds of American households have benefitted from home care services.

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What Services Does Private Home Care Offer?

Skilled Care

You shouldn’t worry about a stranger coming into your home and tending to your loved ones because any caregiver assigned to your parents have received in-depth training and are strictly screened to ensure that they possess the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently care for the elderly.

Some of the tasks of caregivers include taking blood pressure, and checking heart rate, breathing, and temperature. They’ll also make sure your loved ones take the correct medication (dosage, interval, and frequency).

You don’t have to worry about your parents’ nutrition as this is part of the service they provide. Nutrition is a top priority.

Caregivers are also skilled at performing wound care, giving injections, and giving intravenous therapy.

Personal Care

Even if your parents want to hold on to their independence, sometimes their condition requires them to seek help and assistance from other people. Home care services include helping your loved ones with activities of daily living ADLs, such as dressing, shopping for groceries, preparing meals, transportation for outings and medical appointments, and dressing.

A trained home care staff may also perform light housekeeping tasks like cleaning the house and laundry.


Anyone who cares for your parents is expected to respect your parents’ privacy and their belongings. The caregivers are also expected to perform everything that’s written in the care plan at a high standard.

What are the Benefits of Home Care?

One of the main benefits of private home care is your parents don’t have to adjust to a new environment. At their age, they no longer want to be relocated because they feel more at ease in their own homes, and that’s precisely what private home care offers.

With private home care, the only adjustment they need to make is with the caregiver. However, given enough time, your parents will be able to develop and build rapport with the caregiver.

Also, they will receive full assistance. Family members will have peace of mind knowing that their parents are in good hands. All caregivers assigned to your loved ones have received full training to ensure safety and efficiency in completing their tasks.

providing Private Home Care NYC

Are You Looking for a Private Home in Care NYC?

If you feel that your role as a caregiver is too overwhelming, leave that job to us. Don’t sacrifice your mental health for a job that you’re not trained to do. You don’t have to carry that burden all by yourself.

At Affirmed Home Care, our mission is to support our clients’ overall health and well-being by providing personalized in-home care to meet their specific needs and wants. Contact us today to learn about our offers.